Tortoise Tones

Staying true to the heritage of handcrafted eyewear, MOSCOT has always been known for its iconic tortoise acetates! From Antique Tortoise to Classic Havana, MOSCOT tortoise tones cover it all! Take a look at the unique iterations we offer of this classic colorway while learning more about the history and heritage of tortoiseshell frames.


First popularized in the 1920s, original tortoiseshell glasses were made using real turtles and tortoises. Quickly banned in the 1970s to protect the animals from extinction, custom acetate took their place as a reproduction of the original tortoiseshell pattern. Often characterized by its fluid pattern and specks of contrasting color, tortoise tones feature unique details distinct to each frame in a rich, neutral tone that complements all complexions.

Remaining firmly planted as a family-run legacy brand for over 100 years, MOSCOT has been framing New Yorkers with original styles, shapes, and colorways since our start in 1915. In keeping with the tradition of the tortoiseshell design, MOSCOT offers a wide range of Tortoise colorways from lighter shades like Vintage Tortoise with its distinct golden waves, to darker tones like the understated flecks of light in Dark Havana. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair of heritage specs with The LEMTOSH in our original Tortoise acetate, or a modern interpretation found in The GENUG in Spot Tortoise, MOSCOT’s Tortoise collection has it all.


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