A Letter To Our Community

To Our Community:

MOSCOT was born on the lower east side of NYC, where people of diverse backgrounds and color assembled and began their journey in America. We have had the privileged opportunity to service and employ our community for over 100 years by treating our customers and employees with compassion, respect, kindness, and fairness regardless of race, gender, or personal beliefs.

MOSCOT condemns racism in all forms and we stand in solidarity with the fight for justice, equality and the voices that need to be heard. Black Lives Matter. We mourn the lives that were unjustly lost due to police brutality. We recognize that there is work to be done and that we still have a lot to learn to better serve our community through action.

To start, here are some of the action-oriented steps we are taking as a family-owned & operated business:

  • Continue to foster and increase Black representation across all departments, marketing campaigns, partnerships, and events and proactively use our platform to amplify BIPOC voices.
  • Create a space where BIPOC feel safe, valued, and heard through initiatives such as Diversity & Inclusion training that mitigates bias and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Utilize our MOSCOT Mobileyes non-profit initiatives to provide free eye-care and eyewear to marginalized communities in NYC.

We are committed to implementing additional training, encouraging open dialogue, and listening to our team members, customers, clients, ex-employees, and community. We have recently reached out to those who have voiced concern and we welcome the opportunity to further speak with any current and/or ex-employees who feel they haven’t been heard, included or appreciated. Our doors are always open and we encourage further dialogue via hr@moscot.com.

Lastly, we recognize that as an organization we always need to examine our practices and our culture. As a first step, MOSCOT has committed to a 200% match of all donations that our employees make to the following organizations:

As a century owned family business with humble beginnings on the lower east side, MOSCOT is proud to have always been part of this diverse community and commits to seeking ways to improve, evolve, and do better in a world that needs real change against discrimination.


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