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Taron Egerton, Rocketman-himself, is no stranger to MOSCOT eyewear!

Familiar to MOSCOT’s timeless looks, another pair of Taron Egerton’s sunglasses are none other than The LEMTOSH with a Custom Made Tint™ This signature frame is unisex and comes in a variety of customizable options: The LEMTOSH W/ Custom Made Tints™, The LEMTOSH SUN W/ Metal Nose Pads, The LEMTOSH FOLD, The LEMTOSH SUN-POLARIZED, The LEMTOSH-TT SE SUN, and more!

Taron Egerton wears Moscot's The BILLK SUN sunglasses and LEMTOSH with Custom Made Tints.

Portraying Elton John in the fantasy biopic Rocketman, Taron Egerton has come quite accustomed to iconic specs. The breakout star was spotted wearing The BILLIK Sunglasses while promoting the film in Sydney, Australia. Made from acetate with two dot rivets on the front and temples, a key-hole bridge, and real three-barrel hinges, The BILLIK SUN takes on a LEMTOSH meets ARTHUR-like frame shape.

Taron Egerton wears Moscot's The BILLK SUN sunglasses while promoting Rocketman.


See the magic of MOSCOT featured in GQ’s “10 Things Taron Egerton Can’t Live Without”. See the clip on TikTok here.

Source: GQ
Article: "10 Things Taron Egerton Can't Live Without"



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