Style of the Season: Aviator Sunglasses

Given the recent box office success of Top Gun: Maverick, we’re rocking “pilot chic” this summer with classic, yet versatile MOSCOT aviator sunglasses! Although this flick might have just come out, the aviator sunglass design has withstood the test of time. Throughout the years, MOSCOT has created heritage eyewear designs for all types of aviator fans.

 Moscot Aviator Sunglasses

For the Traditionalists

There’s a reason this easy to wear, casual, good-looking frame’s popularity has not just endured, but soared over the decades - it makes everyone look hot. Really hot. We promise.

The JACOB SUN perfectly recreates the Air Force Pilot Sunglass first made popular in the 1940s. This traditional shape sits comfortably on the face with silicone nose pads. 

The ZULU SUN, named after our strapping and unconventional uncle–Uncle Zulu Pushkin (yes, that’s his real name)–recreates the ubiquitous pilot look with a slight squared edge twist. 

For the Seventies Enthusiasts

The square aviator with a double-bar bridge and the addition of gradient fashion tints and shades became synonymous with 1970’s eyewear fashion.

The SHTARKER GOLD with Broadway Blue Fade Custom Made Tint™ encapsulates the funky fashion of the ‘70s. Plus, all Custom Made Tint™ lenses are tinted by hand in NYC! 

The BJORN is made from acetate and comes in a translucent color, to fill out your face without covering it up. Full frontal, indeed.

For the Wildcards

For over a century, MOSCOT has been at the forefront of aviator innovation bringing you all the newest shapes and sizes. Looking to mix up? We’ve got some wildcard styles just for you. 

The LAZER SUN is a modern interpretation of a vintage glacier glass style. Designed to seamlessly mix outdoor adventure with downtown style, this frame’s classic construction and acetate sweat bar will have you ready to swing into gear on your next big endeavor. 

The SHONDA is for those who love big glasses to match their even bigger personalities. (Just kidding!) This unique frame brings aviators to a new light with its combination of metal eye-wire and an acetate top bar.


Not sure which aviator style is right for you? Shop ‘em all! 


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MOSCOT Aviator Sunglasses

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