MOSCOT’s Spring-Summer 2021 campaign and collection features 6 new frame styles inspired by the spirit of connection, the strength of New York City and the resilience of those who call the city home.


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Navigating onward and into 2021, MOSCOT aspires to bridge the gap – fostering connection and community after an unprecedented year that required a new degree of social distancing and physical disconnection.  Shot on, under, and around the Manhattan Bridge, one of 21 iconic bridges connecting the world to Manhattan, the new Spring 2021 collection highlights the strength of its frames through an introspection of materials and construction.

“The representation of strong metal textures and the sturdy vibrational movement of the iconic Manhattan Bridge was a key reference in the new designs that were handcrafted in limited batches this season, such as the pure titanium GONIF and the intentionally oversized TAMAVAT,” shares Chief Design Officer and 5th Generation, Zack Moscot. He adds, “I was inspired by our Lower East Side DNA, and some key characteristics of New York City that tell our unique and tenacious story.”

As nostalgia seeps in and the city comes into focus, MOSCOT sets its sights on a new collection that connects the world to the family’s heritage and the resilience of New York City.

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