Introducing: Spring 2019!

Spring 2019: All Roads Lead to MOSCOT


The MACHER SUN and SIMCHA SUN take on the Lower East Side!The MACHER SUN and SIMCHA SUN pictured above.

The Spring 2019 campaign pays homage to the zeitgeist of the Bowery and its amalgam of musicians, painters, writers, artists, and revelers alike that defined an iconic era when strolling through the Lower East Side would quite literally mean taking a walk on the wild side.

Introducing: Spring 2019!
The DREY CLIP-FLIP  pictured above.

Shot on film and digital mediums, the mix of old and new in the Lower East Side is further brought to life in the black-and-white campaign images. The collection celebrates the true Originals - the urban, independent, creative thinkers who walked through MOSCOT doors through the decades, proving that, indeed all roads lead to MOSCOT.

Introducing: Spring 2019!
The LEMTOSH-MAC pictured above.

The craftsmanship in MOSCOT frames come to a focus as Zack Moscot, 5th Generation & Chief Creative Officer, brings classic and functional details to life such as a Clip-flip that turns an optical frame into a sunglass with a smooth 180-degree rotation, beveled edges on bold chunky acetates that nod to the tastemakers and visionaries of the past, and a savvy combination of metal and acetate that offers the best of both worlds in a new iteration of the iconic LEMTOSH. The collection is rounded out with perfectly round frames that showcase heritage details such as authentic cable temples and filigree motifs, ensuring even the smallest design details are never overlooked.

Introducing: Spring 2019!
The KELEV SUN and MACHER SUN pictured above.

Meet the newest MOSCOT Originals!

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