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What are Blue Light Glasses?

Your vision is our concern, and that goes beyond prescriptions. Glare from screens can be an ongoing issue for those working in digital, with blue light from screens being a common cause of eye strain and headaches.

Blue light glasses can help reduce this glare. Want to learn more? From the science behind blue light glasses to the options available at MOSCOT, here is everything you need to know.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses featuring The MILTZEN and CLIPZEN

What is blue light?

As part of the visible light spectrum, high-energy blue light comes from both the sun and artificial light sources, like digital screens. Fourth-generation and Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Harvey Moscot, says: “Over-exposure to this high energy blue light from computers and other digital devices can lead to symptoms such as eye-strain, headaches, and sleep disruption.”

According to The Vision Council, 80% of American adults report using digital devices for more than two hours per day, with nearly 67% using two or more devices simultaneously. 59% report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain.

From TVs and tablets to computers and phones, we’re constantly exposing ourselves to high-energy blue light. The more time spent in front of digital devices, the more work the eye must do to focus on the changing images from the flicker, contrast, and glare of the screen, resulting in eye strain.

How can you reduce the impact of blue light?

We all use tech every day, whether we’re sitting at a computer for work, using a smartphone, or even just watching TV. These things can all cause blue light overexposure. To reduce the impact of blue light, you should:

  • Cut down screen time. The simplest way to minimize the impact of blue light is to limit the amount of time spent looking at screens. If you work on a screen, take regular breaks away from your desk to rest your eyes. To ensure your eyes and body are prepared for sleep, you should also try to limit the amount of time spent looking at your phone and watching TV in the hour before bed.
  • Adjust your settings. Most screens and phones come with a ‘blue light’ option that you can automatically activate in the evening. This means your digital devices emit less blue light at night, helping to reduce the effects on your body.
  • Work in well-lit spaces. If you’re working on screens, ensure you’re working in a well-lit room. If the area you’re in is too dim, the contrast with your screen can increase eye fatigue.
  • Try blue light glasses. Blue light glasses filter out the glare and blue light from screens, helping to reduce the effect on your eyes. They're a great option if you work on screens or struggle to reduce your time on digital devices.

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses work to counteract the effects of digital glare on our eyes by providing a protective layer against this harmful light.

MOSCOT’s Blue Light Glasses filter out high-energy visible light and help eliminate glare providing a better experience for anyone viewing a digital screen. The DR MOSCOT Computer lens has a unique dual benefit: Blue Light blocking filter for additional comfort and protection, and Dr. Moscot's prescribed power boost for an enhanced viewing experience!

MOSCOT blue light glasses work to eliminate the high-energy blue light and glare to reduce eye strain. They also eliminate other eye risks associated with blue light, such as macular degeneration.


Blue Light Glasses featuring The FRITZ

Do blue light filter glasses work?

While not scientifically proven, blue light glasses are effective at reducing the amount of blue light that enters your eyes when looking at digital devices. Many users report feeling reduced strain and more restful sleep following the use of blue light filter glasses.

Can you add a blue light filter to existing glasses?

At MOSCOT, we have the option to buy clip-on blue light filters. These lightweight clip-ons feature plastic lenses with Blue Protect Coating and are available in various shapes and styles to seamlessly fit with your existing MOSCOT glasses.

If you already wear glasses, this means you can add or remove the blue light filter as and when you need to. If you’re looking for a more permanent option, you can also buy blue light filter frames in your usual prescription.

Can you get blue light filter glasses without a prescription?

Yes! Eye strain can affect anyone. Whether you regularly wear a prescription or not, the glare from screens can cause eye fatigue, so at MOSCOT we offer blue filter glasses that are prescription-free. Simply browse our selection of iconic styles, pick your perfect pair, and they’ll arrive ready to wear.

Sight is precious! Visit a MOSCOT Shop or shop here to find Digital Relief blue light glasses for all multimedia devices!


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